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You can place a link to with text, logo or banners advertising or recommending our product. Every time your clients or users book a transfer with that has been directed via your site you will earn commission.

We will track the transactions from your site to and pay you commission for every booking made within a 30-day cookie period.

How will benefit you? provides taxi transfers from both airport & port transfers to all resorts in Zakynthos (Zante) Island. Travellers nowadays are creating their own packages and transfers are becoming a crucial part of that package. If you have a site relating to travel such as a hotel, a travel site, a travel agency or any business with a need for airport and port transfer services this is an ideal way to earn money while giving your clients and your site that extra information.

In short: You can offer taxi transfer services through your web site totally free of charge and receive commission every time a booking is made! Affiliate Partners Program

We pay affiliate partners according the following commission split percentages:

Number bookings per Month per Partner Partner commission per booking
0  -  100 bookings 5 % per booking
101- 200 bookings 8 % per booking
201 - more bookings 10 % per booking


We will offer you:

30-day cookie - if users book directly on we will pay you commission during that cookie period.

No fees, no risk - joining our programme is completely free.

Please complete the short application form bellow. It is FREE, so sign up and start earning money today!


Affiliate Partners FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions about your currently visited page.

Why should I join the affiliate partner program? top

No fees, no risk - joining our programme is completely free

What are the costs and benefits for affiliate partners? top

There are no costs involved for the partner. The affiliate partner
program is based on commission. So for all reservations made through your
website, we will pay you commission for each booking. It is a real win-win

Who can join the affiliate partner program? top

Any website owner who has dedicated traffic form travel industry like a hotel, a
travel agent and a website related to travel and is interested in offering an extra
service to its guests, can join the program.

Can I offer a selection of the offer on my website? top

You are free to make any type of selection you wish and/or to combine this with
another provider’s offer. You can link directly to countries, cities and/or hotels.

How can I integrate in my website? top

Integrations can usually be completed quickly and easily, although that can depend
on the type of integration you have chosen. We deliver you a customized URL to

add to the site; you do not need any specific technical knowledge to be able to work
with us.

Where should I put the link on my website? top

Visitors are more likely to buy when they can easily find what they are looking
for. We recommend that affiliate partners place the link in several locations on
the website, e.g. after finishing the transaction for another service and not only
on the more obvious places such as your homepage, the travel related parts or the
navigation bar.

How do I create links? top

The easiest way to implement is to use a direct URL link. Our
website pops up in the original look and feel. We keep track of the number of
reservations made via the link to When you sign up for the
affiliate program you will receive a special link with your unique tracking code.

How can I monitor my traffic, bookings and commissions? top

Affiliate partners can monitor the individual bookings in real time. They can
access their account online and monitor the overall statistics regarding traffic,
bookings and commissions on a 24/7 basis. This is updated regularly with the latest

How does track partner’s reservations? top

To track partners’ reservations we use your unique ID number in your link. This
number is included also in the reservations made by the visitors on your website, so
all reservations with the same ID number will be associated with the same partner.

Can you explain the commission structure? top

We guarantee to pay commission on all realized bookings, according to a
commission split model. The model is performance related: the more bookings a
partner does, the more the partner earns.

How and when do you pay me the earned commissions? top

We pay commissions to affiliate partners by bank transfer, between 30 to 60 days
after closure of the month when the booking has been realized. Payments are issued
on a monthly basis, provided that the minimum amount is EUR 50.

When I operate more than one website, can I add up all bookings? top

Yes you can; all bookings generated by your websites will be added and rewarded
according to the total volume generated.

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